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Image by Ash Edmonds

The Roof of Thailand



10 KM


1 Day


4,000 Baht

Tour Info

On this epic hike we will climb Doi Inthanon. With its summit at 2565m above sea level the highest mountain of Thailand. The long one-day hike will take you through beautiful pine forests, over a ridge with breathtaking 360° views, along very steep rock formations and through dense, high altitude jungle. We will start at the Royal Agricultural Research Center, where we can admire the famous pink cherry blossom trees: the sakura. From there we will make our steep way up to the ridge which ends in two spectacular rocky peaks: the "Cliffs of Two Seasons". Often mist is formed here, making the atmosphere very mysterious. On the first peak, a small Buddhist pagoda forms a beautiful foreground for the summit of Doi Inthanon. But the top is still far away for us...


After a short lunch break we will face a steep descend on a tiny and bushy trail to get around the impressive cliffs. Down at the bottom of the cliffs, you will look up in admiration and amazement of where you have come from. We will continue our way and scramble up along the steep ridge that will in the end flatten out. The small trail winds through dense jungle, with beautiful and impressive trees, amazingly colourful flowers (for example the rare Rhododendron. Which only grows on this mountain!), while birds are singing high up in the sky. We finish the hike on the roof of Thailand, where we can get some drinks and snacks, and hop in the minivan to drive back to Chiang Mai.


The total distance of the hike is about 10 km and contains more than 1300 meters of elevation gain through the wildest and most remote mountainous terrain. 

This trip includes two transfers of approximately one hour by private van. Pick up and drop off at any hotel in the city of Chiang Mai is possible.

Note: a minimum of two guests is required to be able to organise this trip without additional costs. Private trips are possible, but at additional costs.

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